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Novak, Melissa

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 Welcome to Mrs. Novak's classroom webpages!
 Grade/Subject:English 8
 Room #:161
  Welcome to the Pride Team! Eighth grade English focuses on vocabulary and writing. We use the Vocabulary Workshop book and study a new list of twenty words every two weeks. Students have vocabulary homework Monday through Thursday; tests are taken every other Friday. Review tests are taken following the study of three units and a two week review.
  Writing lessons focus on a different mode of writing each quarter. Writing workshop allows students to write during class time, affording them time to ask questions and receive editing help from their teacher and their peers. Students will have a minimum of two major writing projects per quarter; these projects will determine the greatest part of the quarter grades. In addition to writing and vocabulary, students will be graded on homework and class participation.
  Please ask your student to share their writing with you. Graded writings are returned to the students and may be taken home to be shared. Please return the work to be stored in the classroom folder after you've read and discussed the writing.