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Solderich, Billy

Education is national security.

 Welcome to my classroom webpage!
 Billy Solderich  
 Grade/Subject: 7th grade Science
 Room #: 204
 Welcome to 7th grade Science.  Get ready to enjoy some general chemistry, Forces and Motion, Planetary Science, and Biodiversity.  You will learn plenty of new science terms, cool concepts, solutions to real-world problems, and a commonsense approach to the environment around you.  Be accountable and be responsible; pay attention in class, follow all classroom procedures and rules, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do your homework.  You as a student must respect yourself and invest in yourself and being on time, being prepared and doing homework are your first steps.  Science is a really cool subject; so let it be and enjoy it. 
Also, take a tour through my WebQuest, "So You Want to be a Scientist" at and my website, "The Wild Side of PA Ecology" at for more cool career ideas, science projects, cool hikes, outdoor fun, and PA ecology pictures.