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Staff Directory

Scott Cole
                                                          Miss Shelton
                               Mrs. Murphy                                                Miss Shelton
The 1st Grade Team
               Mrs. Reitenauer                    Mr. Kotash               
                Mrs. Reitenauer                    Mr. Kotash                             Mrs. Shafer
The 2nd Grade Team
                         Mrs. Stoops                                       Miss Kraynik
                           Miss Stoops                                                  Miss Kraynik
The 3rd Grade Team
                      Miss Jones                                                Mrs. Wenner                                    
                        Miss Jones                                                             Mrs. Wenner 
The 4th Grade Team
                          Mr. Miller                                          Mrs. Kucheruck-Jones
                           Mr. Miller                                                           Mrs. Jones 
The 5th Grade Team
                      Mr. Reifinger                              Mrs. Stefens
                       Mr. Reifinger                                Mrs. Stefens
ESL Team
                         Mrs. Lloyd                                          Mr. Ferrani
                                 Mrs. Lloyd                                                         Mr. Ferrani
Support Team
                                                                  Instructional Coach                        
                                                                       Mrs. Bittmann                                                               
                       Learning Support Teacher                               Intervention Specialist
                                 Mrs. Powell                                                 Mrs. Griffin      
                                  Mrs. Powell                                                    Mrs. Griffin
Specialists Team
                 Gym                                Art                            Library                         Music
           Mr. Bittmann                                          
           Mr. Bittmann                 Mrs. Burke                  Mrs. Burkit                  Mr. Ciminsky
Guidance Team
                          Guidance Counselor                         Outreach Worker       

                   Miss Cummings                            Mrs. Jarvis
 Administration and Additional Support Staff
Lunch     Miss Pam    Library     .
Mrs. Kirkpatrick     Mrs. L    Mrs. Masters     .
Mrs. Rios     Mr. Ruppert