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Allentown School District

4th Annual ASD Science Fair Winners


High School Division:

1st Place: DHS Adeeb Saed “Muon Lifetime: Verifying the Exponential Decay Law”
2nd Place: AHS Walaa Jaber “Caffeine Induced Changed in C Elegans”
3rd Place: DHS Fares Saed “Investigating the Absorption of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Ray Particles”


Middle School Division:

6th Grade
1st Place:  HMMS Zane Childs “Sustainable Energy”
2nd Place: Raub Lanecea Jones “What materials block a WIFI signal”
3rd Place: HMMS Enas Salloum “The Effect of Acid Rain on the Rate of Corrosion”
7th grade (Experimental)
1st Place:  Raub Akwal Madok “What’s Wrong With my Tastebuds”
2nd Place: SMMS Yaxlei Alejo-Ortiz “Binaural Botany”
3rd Place: Trexler Elijah Albert-Stein “Does Temperature Affect the Amount of pH in Tea?”
7th grade (Engineering and Computer Science)
1st Place:  SMMS Carlee Davidson “Turbine War”
2nd place: SMMS Raokhen Encarnacion Miranda “The Ticking Iodine Clock Reaction”
3rd Place: Trexler Quinn Ciommo “Wood to the Breaking Point”


8th grade (Experimental)
1st Place:  SMMS Alondra Rosario Effect nof pH on Daphia Magna Heart Rate”
2nd Place: HMMS Joshua Kingsley “Strings and Frequency”
3rd Place: HMMS Chudong Liang “Which Type of Metal Can Increase the Power of an Electromagnet”
8th Grade (Engineering and Computer Science)
1st place: SMMS Arianna Watkins “The Affect of Design on Bridge Strength”
2nd place: Trexler Chelsea Zucal “Efficient Propeller Design”
3rd place: Trexler Jean Orejuela “Does Leaving your Computer on 24/7 Lead to Slower CPU Speed and more Frequent Freezes?”


High School Awards Given

Adeeb Saed         $100 Kirk Shinsky Award from the East Allentown Rittersville Neighborhood Association

Middle School Awards Given (Each Grade Level)

Carlee Davisdson         $100 Frederick Greenleaf Jr. Award from the East Allentown Rittersville Neighborhood Association

Chosen Winner:

Aerospace Engineering/Astronomy Project

Fares Saed          $100 Space Frontier Award that honors Pete Conrad, a Pennsylvanian who flew to the moon on Apollo 12. From the East Allentown Rittersville Neighborhood Association.