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2017 Teacher and School Nurse Appreciation 

Words of Appreciation to ASD teachers and school nurses for 2017 Appreciation Week from Interim Superintendent, Dr. Gary R. Cooper:

Dear Members of the Staff:

As we set aside May 9 to celebrate National Teacher’s Appreciation Day, I wish to simply thank you for all you do for the children and parents of this community.  Over the short time I have been with you, I have been impressed at the dedication you have shown as urban educators. Many of you have heard me state that it is the educators of this country that stand as the last bastion for assuring that all of the nation’s children have an opportunity for a meaningful life. Although you do not always receive the credit you deserve, be assured that your actions matter; your service to others matters.

I wish you a great day and much success in the future.

Gary R. Cooper    


Dear Nursing Staff:

As we celebrate School Nurses Day, I wish to thank you for all you do to keep our children and staff healthy. Unfortunately, with all the talk of PSSAs and instruction, we sometimes forget those of you who help keep the students moving forward. Today, we will stop and acknowledge the many acts of kindness that you perform for our students and acknowledge how your work makes our schools better places to learn.

I have always had a soft spot for the Nursing profession.  My mother was a nursing professor in the 1940s, and my two sisters are surgical nurses. Three of my brothers married nurses, and my second daughter is an ER nurse. You can image the stories I have heard about making sure Doctors don’t make mistakes!

Again, my appreciation for the work you do.  I wish you a day without belly aches, sore throats, or falling children.