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Allentown School District Foundation

About the Allentown School District Foundation 

Our vision is an enriched education for Allentown School District students.
The mission of the Allentown School District Foundation is to encourage, promote and support
innovative educational experiences for students in the Allentown School District.
Strategic Plan      Amended June 5, 2014
The Foundation is guided by the following core values as essential to our work. We believe in
  • Student, parent, alumni and teacher engagement
  • Giving
  • Excellence
  • Community involvement
  • An appreciation for diversity
  • Mentoring
  • The talents, skills and assets of our students
  • Civic duty
  • Innovation
This is accomplished by focusing on these 3 key strategic priorities:
1. Raise and leverage necessary resources
   a. Develop a cohesive fundraising plan, which includes the following:
      i. Establish an active resource development committee and charter
      ii. Develop a comprehensive list of funding sources
      iii. Develop a donor tracking system for corporate, individual and foundation gifts
      iv. Develop a stewardship and donor management strategy 
      v. Develop strategy for connecting and engaging alumni as donors to the Foundation
2. Build community-wide awareness and engagement
   a. Implement the comprehensive PR plan for the Foundation
   b. Develop volunteer and alumni engagement opportunities with students and other alumni
      in the ASD
3. Identify and sustain outcomes-driven programs
   a. Assess the current state of programing
   b. Determine capacity for growth and scale-up—identify the resources needed to manage
      programs effectively, while maintaining the ability to be responsive and agile to new
   c. Develop a comprehensive program outcomes playbook 
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