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Barnes & Noble Book Drive and Book Fairs Benefit Challenge 5 Campaign

Barnes & Noble, Lehigh Valley Mall
Book Drive: November 1 - January 1
Barnes & Noble, Whitehall has selected the Allentown School District’s Challenge 5 campaign as the beneficiary of their annual Holiday Book Drive which takes place from November 1, 2016, through January 1, 2017.  The Barnes & Noble Holiday Book Drive is a national program that provides customers the opportunity to donate books to locally designated non-profit organizations.
In addition, The Allentown School District (ASD) and United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley (UWGLV) hosted two Book Fairs/Launch Parties to benefit the campaign. The events were held on November 19 and 20 December 17 and 18.  All purchases during those two weekend events went towards raising money and collecting books.
ASD and UWGLV partnered with Lehigh County in September to implement the Challenge 5 – Strive for Less Than 5 Absences campaign to fight chronic absenteeism. Chronic Absenteeism is a complex problem, one the school district cannot solve alone. The community campaign focuses on education and engagement. From big corporations to local churches, from the corner store to the state legislator’s office, the goal is to enlist everyone in the community to be an ‘Attendance Ambassador’.  Volunteers from the community schools and partnering organizations will continue to canvass neighborhoods to educate local shop owners, barbers, churches, nonprofit organizations, bodegas, etc. about the importance of everyday attendance, and then empowering those community members to be able to spread the Strive for Less than 5 message.  The empowerment comes in the form of talking points, as well as flyers, posters, lawn signs, banners, and other marketing materials.  The neighborhood shops are also enlisted to participate by donating goods and services that can be used as incentives for students and their families to strive for good attendance.