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School Uniforms

Allentown School District School Uniforms
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Since September 2013, all Allentown School District students have been required to wear uniforms. There are three primary reasons for the transition to uniforms:

  1. We want to establish a business-like climate in our schools that indicates we are serious about learning and about safety.
  2. Uniforms result in economic savings for parents and guardians over the usual costs of dressing students for a school year.
  3. Discussions with the staff and the results of community surveys indicate strong support for a uniform dress code.
Uniform Information
All school uniform clothing must be appropriately sized for the child, that is, they must be no more than one regular size larger than the student actually measures. Extra wide, extra-long, baggy or sagging clothes are not acceptable. All shirts will be tucked.
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The Uniforms
What will the Allentown School District Student be wearing?
Vendor Information
Uniform FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
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School Uniform Fund
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Message from the Superintendent
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