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William Allen High School
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ASD School Calendar Update
April 17 and April 21:Regular school days
(Make-up Snow Days)

Seniors: order your Cap & Gown - $23!
Cap & Gown ordering  
Senior Prom 2014 Information

Eleventh Graders and the Graduation Project:

By now, many of the 11th graders have received their approved graduation project proposals. The approved proposal should be kept in a safe place, as the student will need it when he or she presents next year. Attached to the proposal, the students should have received a project-specific mini-booklet. The mini-booklet has all of the paperwork the student will need to complete for his or her graduation project. The students will be presenting their projects in November, 2014.

Students who had their proposals disapproved should make the appropriate corrections on the proposal form and resubmit it to their English or ESOL teacher by Friday, May 2, 2014.
Students who did not submit a graduation project proposal may still do so now. Proposals should be submitted to the English or ESOL teacher by Friday, May 2.

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