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Classroom and Building Quarantine Guidance

Download PDF Version (Updated 1/21/22)

How are families notified if there is a positive case in a classroom or building?

When a positive case is reported in a classroom or building, families will be notified by school messenger in addition to a letter sent via email from the building principal. Staff will receive an email. A sample of this letter is available on the dashboard. If any staff member or student is directly exposed and considered a close contact to an individual at school who tests positive for COVID-19, they will be individually notified by the school’s administration.

How will the classroom or building quarantine process work?

When a COVID-19 outbreak is suspected, ASD will work in collaboration with the Allentown Health Bureau to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the level of transmission. If it is decided that a classroom or building will be quarantined, students will transition to virtual learning for a temporary period. The appropriate quarantine period will be determined based on the case information.

What criteria warrants a transition to virtual learning for a classroom?

Public health defines an outbreak as 2 or more unrelated/linked cases. Epidemiological investigation will determine if the number of cases in a classroom provides indication that the classroom must quarantine to prevent widespread infection.

What criteria warrants a transition to virtual learning for a building?
A school-wide outbreak is when 3 or more classrooms are quarantined at one time OR when 5 percent of staff/students combined in the building have confirmed COVID-19 within the 10-day rolling period.

5% of students/staff confirmed cases in a 10-day window:
   • Small school (<500 staff & students): 25 case threshold
   • Medium school (500-900 staff & students): 25-45 case threshold
   • Large school (900+ staff & students): 45+ case threshold 

**ASD will work together with The Allentown Health Bureau to complete a thorough investigation to determine outbreak and the level of transmission and potential for quarantine based on the identified criteria.

ASD Classroom Definition

Elementary = classroom

Middle = homeroom or cohort

High = course section