AllentownSchool District

Virtual Flexible Instruction Days

The Allentown School District is in the process of applying for PDE's Flexible Instruction Day (FID) Program for the 2021-22 school year. 

Virtual Flex Days are flexible instructional days for students and staff. Virtual Flex Days count as normal days on the instructional calendar. When Allentown School District students are participating in ASD Virtual Campus Flex Days during inclement weather, student attendance will be accounted for during the school day. 


What does a Virtual Flex Day look like for my child?

All teachers will provide directions for students in Virtual Campus in advance of inclement weather in order to guide students through the platforms. Teachers will not be introducing new content on Virtual Flex Days. This time will be used to connect with students. 

Any meetings including IEP Meetings, Attendance Meetings, and Student Assistance Program (SAP) Meetings previously scheduled will continue as usual.  

For the most up to date information on ASD’s inclement weather plans, please ensure that you have updated emergency contact information on file at your school. District announcements will be posted on the website, shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and sent using the district’s mobile app. Additional alerts will be shared with WFMZ.