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Superintendent's Message: DonorsChoose Partnership

Dear ASD Families & Community Members, 

On November 19, the Allentown School District announced an exciting new partnership with national nonprofit DonorsChoose to help teachers tap into a network of 4 million donors to support classroom projects and more seamlessly align with district strategy and operations. The platform will allow donors to support their classroom projects that align with the mission, vision, and commitment to equity in ASD, having a direct positive impact on teachers and students.   

We are the only district in PA that will now be part of a select group who can intentionally leverage this type of philanthropic engagement to support personalized learning & instruction in our classrooms.  Allentown School District teachers have raised $236,000 and completed over 490 projects on DonorsChoose. These projects vary from books to laptops and other tools to enhance the learning environment and support student success.

We are very excited to partner with DonorsChoose because it supports our teachers in creating innovating and exciting classrooms for our students. The District partnership will allow us to leverage the DonorsChoose platform to expand that philanthropical impact across our district and fulfill the needs of 17,000 children.  We are thankful to DonorsChoose for the opportunity and are proud to be a part of this movement. 

“As the board president and former teacher, I am excited to give our staff the opportunity to connect with local businesses and individuals nationwide who have the desire to help those in urban classrooms,” said Audrey Mathison, ASD Board of Directors. “This partnership will enable teachers to acquire additional supports above and beyond what the district can afford to supply when creating the 21st-century classroom of their dreams.”

As one of the 27 members of the DonorsChoose District Partnership Program, Allentown School District will be able to fully support teachers in the use of the platform, ensure safety and security, and align efforts with the district’s strategic priorities. ASD will be able to monitor all donated materials, principals will be notified each time a project is funded and receive early notification when there are new “match” funding opportunities.

The custom ASD landing page is available here:
We have also posted the news on our ASD Facebook & Twitter – feel free to share and help us spread this great news! 

Thomas Parker
Superintendent, Allentown School District 

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