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According to Pennsylvania Department of Education’s guidance, schools must account for both student's daily access to and completion of assigned learning activities.

When ASD students are participating in Virtual Campus, students are expected to follow their daily schedule for synchronous and asynchronous learning sessions. Schools will consider both the data regarding student access to learning and the completion of assigned learning activities to determine whether an individual student is present or absent. 

Access = Student participating in sessions throughout the day.
Completion = Evidence that student is completing or attempting to complete assigned learning activities. 

LCTI Attendance Guidelines
Students are expected to: 
1. Attend both ASD and LCTI sessions daily. 
2. Be prepared each day
3. Be ready to learn and engage in instruction. 
4. Complete assignments on time each day for each class. 
5. Adhere to the Family & Student Handbook while engaged in virtual learning
6. The attendance and activity report in the Edgenuity platform will be used to monitor attendance and completion of assignments.

Parents are expected to: 
1. Have your child(ren) ready to engage every day in digital learning. 
2. Support your child in logging into the system, if necessary 
3. Assist with contacting support from teachers if your child is struggling. 
4. Send an email to the school attendance email, notify the teacher or call the school each time your child is unable to attend school and provide the reason. See below.
5. Share with the teacher or school-based staff any barriers to their child’s continuous attendance that could impact their educational achievement.

LCTI Attendance: 
1. Student must complete daily assignment requirements posted by the teacher in a required timely manner to be marked as “present.” If a student does not complete the required daily assignment, the student will be marked “remote absent” and appropriate documentation will be required.
2. LCTI students will login to Schoology platform and compete daily assignments
3. If students are AM or PM LCTI students, they must follow the daily schedule in order to participate in both ASD sessions and LCTI assignments. 

If a student does not attend synchronous sessions and complete and/or attempt to complete daily coursework they will be marked absent. A parent excuse would be required to adjust the absence.

ASD Attendance Excuses:
Each school has a dedicated attendance email to communicate absences.

If a student does not attend synchronous sessions and complete and/or attempt to complete daily coursework they will be marked absent. A parent excuse is required to excuse the absence.  

Please include the following information:
Student Name
Student ID
Parent/Guardian Name
Date Absent
Reason for Absence

If a parent requests a temporary absence, request can be made using the above process. 

If students are absent for an extended period due to COVID-19, a doctor’s note is required.

LCTI Attendance Excuses: 

Parents or guardians can use Skyward Family Access to report a student absence or call one of the following phone numbers
610-799-1341 for half-day students
610-799-1363 for Academic Center students
610-799-1491 for Career Academy Program students