AllentownSchool District

Superintendent Entry Plan Report

Dear Board of Directors, Families, and Caregivers, and City of Allentown Community:

Thank you very much for the warm welcome and hospitable reception that you have given me during my first 90 days as Superintendent of the Allentown School District (ASD). The experience has provided insight and information that will serve as a basis for our short- and long-term planning and strategies as we move forward.
My analysis and reflection of the collected data and information laid the foundation for the Board, my Executive Leadership Team, and me to identify the priorities and strategies in this Entry Plan Report. This report will further lay the foundation for my Executive Leadership Team and I to create an ASD Blueprint for Success which will drive our work over the next three school years. The ASD Blueprint for Success is intended to serve as a bridge plan to guide the District from where we are today to the development, completion, and implementation of a new strategic plan. 

For the upcoming school year, our team will begin this journey to excellence by focusing on:

ASD Strategic Priorities
The above focus areas will guide all of our decision-making in the near term and will be our North Star as we develop our Blueprint for Success.

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