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Athletics & The Arts

In the Allentown School District, athletics and arts programs are fundamental pillars of the educational journey, offering a platform for every child to express their unique talents and abilities.

Our commitment extends beyond mere extracurricular activities; these programs are essential conduits for nurturing creativity, fostering holistic wellness, instilling self-assurance, providing a sense of belonging, and contributing to a positive school environment.

We prioritize teamwork, resilience, and personal growth alongside athletic and artistic skill development.

We firmly believe that engagement in these programs is indispensable for the development of the whole child.

Through unwavering dedication, structured discipline, and the boundless expression of artistic endeavors.

We hope to forge a vibrant community where every individual thrives, pursuing excellence in both athletic pursuits and artistic endeavors.


For information about joining a sports team in the Allentown School District contact your school's athletic director for schedules, opportunities, and more. 

Building 21 High School students are eligible to play sports at William Allen High School or Louis E. Dieruff High School.

The Arts

The mission of the Allentown School District's Arts program is to acknowledge every child's unique qualities while providing a challenging and rewarding educational experience. We believe all children are capable of learning and will achieve regardless of societal influences. It is our goal to provide each student with an enriched academic experience that prepares them to be lifelong learners and productive citizens. Our goal is to foster creativity and to develop cultural awareness in every student. We understand that in order to reach this goal, we must band together with the school program and the school community advocating rigor, respect, rights and responsibility. 

In order to develop and maintain a school culture that is attuned to the arts, all students must have academic experiences that are enriched through the integration of visual art, literature, music, theatre and dance. Participation in arts education and art activities is vital to the development of the whole child. 

Allentown School District's arts programs create opportunities for student enrichment and learning through visual arts, music theatre and dance. At the elementary, middle and high school levels, classes in the Arts provided standards-based instruction, while extra-curricular clubs and organizations offer enrichment activities in visual and performing arts.

Our students have the opportunity to be involved in numerous activities including but not limited to: art club, band, marching band, orchestra, chorus/choir/chorale, drama club/theatrical productions and dance teams.

Director of Arts and Wellness
Ryan Yurchick  

Coordinator of Activities & Athletics
Toomey Anderson