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The Department of Facilities Services is responsible for the planning, development, and maintenance of the Allentown School District’s 30 buildings and grounds, located across the 17 square miles that encompass the City of Allentown.

Ensuring the upkeep and renovation of current buildings is the day-to-day priority and that includes the clearing of snow in all parking lots and sidewalks. We are also charged with providing leadership oversight of new construction projects.

Allentown education buildings must accommodate the needs of the District’s students and personnel in terms of space, equipment and function.

In addition to meeting the requirements of state, county, and city building codes, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the district’s facilities seek Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification when possible to enhance energy-conservation and cost-efficiencies.

In order to meet the changing needs of our students, the facilities department reassesses and updates current buildings and grounds as necessary, demolishes old buildings that are obsolete and no longer capable of serving the district to make way for new construction and to transform facilities when they are given a new use. The district’s 24 schools range in date of construction from 1874 to 2020, and it is our task to keep them all equally efficient and able to provide an optimal environment for learning and achievement.

The Facilities Services department takes its direction from the Allentown School District's School Board of Directors, based on recommendations made by the Superintendent and Executive Leadership Team. We tackle projects as large as constructing new buildings, and as small as installing new roofing and boilers or other HVAC equipment as well as keeping halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and classrooms well lit, clean, fresh and attractive.

Guaranteed Energy Services Agreement Amendment, Act 39

Executive Director, Facilities Services
Thomas Smith

Director, Facilities Services
Kirk Kressly

Assistant Director, Facilities Services
Kirk Hines

Project Manager, Facilities Services

Facilities Secretary
Nancy Batarick