AllentownSchool District

Superintendent's Message - School Safety


                                                           February 18, 2018

Dear Allentown Community,

Tragedies like the one in Parkland, Florida can either bring out the best, or the worst in any community.  We have seen the best in our Allentown Community.  It is represented daily by our Allentown Police Department, Allentown School District staff, caring families and community members, and perhaps most critical, our courageous student advocates.  It is this type of student dedication and commitment that is essential to the overall safety of our schools and the greater Allentown community.

The past two days have been challenging to say the least, therefore, I must thank the caring adults in our district for taking time to depart from normal academic routines, and creating an opportunity for our students to express their feelings.  In times of tragedy, it is imperative that we provide a safe space for our students to express feelings of anger, fear, frustration, or even confusion.  In doing so, we honor our students as the future of our community.

Please know ASD is 100% committed to supporting all our students as they process this trauma.  However, we are equally committed to addressing all threats to the safety of our students and our staff.  Toward this end, in partnership with the Allentown Police Department, our District will remain steadfast and continue to work to keep our students safe.  Currently, we are re-assessing our safety and security protocols, as well as engaging our students and staff members about how to make our schools safer.

This is a time for our community to collectively share thoughts and ideas on how we can ensure the physical and emotional safety of our ASD students K-12.  For this reason, I invite our parents and members of our community to join the Allentown School District in a conversation about School Safety.  

We will host a forum at Dieruff High school on Wednesday February 21, 2018 at 6:00 PM.

We ask our community to come out to share their concerns, but also be prepared to discuss collective solutions for improving safety in our schools and community.   

In closing, as a community we all share the fear created when our schools are terrorized, and we must work together to create stronger, safer communities.

I look forward to communal dialogue and collaboration.

Thomas E. Parker, Superintendent
Allentown School District