AllentownSchool District

Board of School Directors

Audrey Mathison

Nancy Wilt

LaTarsha Brown
Andrene Brown-Nowell
Lisa A. Conover
Phoebe D. Harris
Jennifer Lynn Ortiz
Patrick Palmer
Dr. Evelyn Santana

In accordance with Act 84 of 1986, the following public meetings of the Board of School Directors of the School District of the City of Allentown will be held at the Administration Center in the Boardroom – 31 S. Penn Street, Allentown, PA 18102.

These meetings will still be streamed live on YouTube: otherwise specified, on the following dates and time indicated: 

Committee-of-the-Whole Meetings – 6:30 p.m.

 January 12, 2023 August 10, 2023 
 February 9, 2023 September 7, 2023
 March 9, 2023  October 12, 2023
 April 13, 2023 November 9, 2023
 May 11, 2023 December 7, 2023
 June 8, 2023

Regular Board Meetings – 7:00 p.m.

 January 26, 2023 July 27, 2023
 February 23, 2023 August 24, 2023
 March 23, 2023  September 21, 2023
 April 27, 2023 October 26, 2023
 May 25, 2023  November 16, 2023
 June 22, 2023 December 21, 2023

Allentown School District Board of Directors sets the policies for the District. Current policies are available for view through Board Docs. Agendas and Minutes for all meetings are available through Board Docs. Board Docs is maintained by the Allentown School Board Secretary. For questions, contact Board Secretary [email protected].

Contacting the Board

Members of the public may contact individual members of the board via email by clicking the names listed above. 
Mailing Address:
School District of the City of Allentown
c/o Secretary to the Board
31 S. Penn Street,  PO Box 328
Allentown, PA 18105-0328 

Board Secretary: 
[email protected]


The Allentown School District is a member of The Pennsylvania School Boards AssociationPSBA is a nonprofit statewide association of public school boards, pledged to the highest ideals of local lay leadership for the public schools of the commonwealth. 

PSBA and its member school entities represent more than 4,500 local school board members who dedicate themselves to providing the best education for every child. The association was founded in 1895 with the stated purposes to:
  • Provide a medium for school boards, school directors, school board secretaries and other related groups to come together and exchange information and views concerning the administration of the commonwealth's public schools.
  • Secure united cooperation in handling school board problems and to endeavor to bring about improvement of the public schools by cooperation with other educational and professional agencies.
  • Take such action as deemed most desirable on matters relating to education and school administration, whether initiated by PSBA, the General Assembly, state agencies, or individuals, associations or groups
  • Promote greater activity and higher efficiency on the part of all school boards in order to secure the best results in the progressive advancement, control and conduct of public schools.
  • Render assistance and advice to school boards and to members of school boards on school matters affecting them.