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Building Community

Your Wholesome Home Building Community

Building Community Building a sense of community is a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, values, rules, and goals. Such a situation in the home is essential to the success of students of all ages.

Consider the following when creating an engaging and positive environment:

  • Be committed to taking care of each other;
  • Spend quality time together;
  • Listen actively to each other;
  • Apply problem solving skills in the midst of a crisis such as:

    • as a family, identify the cause of the problem and creating possible solutions;
    • together, make a list the advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution;
    • discuss and agree on the best solution for all;
    • try out and monitor the solution to determine if it’s working;
    • and, if not working, implement another possible solution.
  • Teach children to honor and respect each other as well as to honor the adults in the home including:

    • listening carefully to direction and obeying the adults in the home;
    • helping with chores around the home; and,
    • anticipating the needs of others in the home.
  • Teach by example.
  • Take advantage of teachable moments both in good times and bad
  • Encourage positive attitudes by sharing compliments and responsibility in a home.

    • make sure you express appreciation for family members for whatever strengths they have and kindnesses they show each other.
  • Be courteous to each other by:

    • acknowledge the fears, doubts, and hardships of others;
    • offer help or just a listening ear;
    • make your home a pleasant place by not raising voices in anger, but by honestly discussing concerns in normal voices;
    • exhibit a willingness to forgive.
  • Discuss challenges of life with your young people. Teach them that life is not always smooth, helps them grow and learn to appreciate each other and life itself;
  • Respect confidentiality in the home. Once someone in your home confides in you, keep it confidential if appropriate. Those in your home who confide in you show honor and respect. Do not lose this honor and respect by treating what they have told you lightly.

It doesn’t matter what walk of life we all come from, by creating a positive supportive environment we create a more positive and supportive community.

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